mod_dnsblacklist is a Lighttpd module that use DNSBL in order to block spam relay via web forms, preventing URL injection, block http DDoS attacks from bots and generally protecting your web service denying access to a known bad IP address.


In order to compile it follow these instructions:

or execute these commands:

$make mod_dnsblacklist.o

$gcc -shared -o mod_dnsblacklist.o -lresolv

#/usr/bin/install -c /usr/local/lib/


Enable the module in the server configuration:

server.modules = (


Soon will be available the precompiled binaries.

These are the configuration directives allowed:

dnsblacklist.method – The HTTP method on which the module acts, for example POST,GET,ecc. (default value: "POST") - The address of the DNSBL used (default value: "")
dnsblacklist.message – Error message displayed to the blocked user (default value: "Your IP address is blacklisted!")